Environmental economics Reading List

Acemoglu, Daron, Philippe Aghion, Leonardo Bursztyn, and David Hemous (2012). “The Environment and Directed Technical Change.” AER. Aldy and Stavins 2012 EDE: Problems and Promise of Pricing Carbon Andam et al. (2010) “Protected Areas Reduced Poverty in Costa Rica and Thailand” PNAS Angelsen (2010) “Policies for Reduced Deforestation” PNAS Appelbaum (2011) “As US Agencies putContinue reading “Environmental economics Reading List”

On the road

Next stop New Zealand (The Milky Way) Austria: Vienna (Don’t mention “before sunrise” please.) Hungary: Budapest (Dark side of human mind) Places I have many stories to share as a solo traveler, if you have time for my adventures: Japan: Osaka; Kyoto; Sapporo Italy: Venice; Rome; Florence Spain: Madrid; Barcelona Denmark: Copenhagen Czech Republic: Prague German:Continue reading “On the road”