On the road

Next stop
New Zealand (The Milky Way)
Austria: Vienna (Don’t mention “before sunrise” please.)
Hungary: Budapest (Dark side of human mind)

Places I have many stories to share as a solo traveler, if you have time for my adventures:

Japan: Osaka; Kyoto; Sapporo

Italy: Venice; Rome; Florence

Spain: Madrid; Barcelona

Denmark: Copenhagen

Czech Republic: Prague

German: Berlin; Munich; Dresden; Schwangau



England: London

France: Paris



Sweden: Stockholm

United States: Seattle; Columbus (OH); Cleveland; Houston; Chicago; Bloomington (IL); Champaign-Urbana; St. Louis; New Orleans; Washington DC; Boston; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; San Francisco; San Diego; New Jersey; New York; Atlanta; Orlando; Miami; KeyWest; Hawaii; Puerto Rico; GreenVille(SC)

China: Shenzhen; Guangzhou; Shanghai; Hangzhou; Suzhou; Yixin; Zhuhai; Qingdao; Dalian; Nanjing; Wuhan; Guilin; Wuxi; Xi’an; Beijing; Xinjiang; Taiyuan

Don’t lose your dream in daily routine, let me save you from your ordinary and make you awesome again.


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